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Signed Paralysis LP Vinyl (Purple & Magenta Marble Variant)

Signed Paralysis LP Vinyl (Purple & Magenta Marble Variant)

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We're proud to have our debut album 'Paralysis' now available on Vinyl!

We've created something special with The Purple & Magenta marbled variants! Every vinyl is completely unique and will be dominated by a range of colours between the ones shown in the image! Please bear in mind that there's too many unique looks to show them all in photos here, so your vinyl may be different to the ones shown, which is pretty cool.

This may be the best our album has ever sounded!

Track Listing:

  • 1) Alive (feat. Tobi Duncan)
  • 2) Paralysis
  • 3) DXWN
  • 4) Criminal
  • 5) Disconnected
  • 6) Six Feet Down (feat. WAVED)
  • 7) Catacombs
  • 8) Satellite
  • 9) Fever
  • 10) Good Enough (feat. Mercedes Arn-Horn)


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